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BANTAM - Are you ready for the truth?

BANTAM - Are you ready for the truth?

Full-range TransmissionLine speaker

BANTAM - "The spice of life!"

We created this special loudspeaker to reveal the already well-known recordings at an affordable price, but with in an unprecedented depth. All this with uncompromising bass response in medium and small rooms.


There are countless indisputable values ​​for a small, crossover-less full-range speaker compared to typical, large multi-way solutions: Precise reproduction, tight sound, phase-coherent transmission.

We made these special values ​​audible with our latest loudspeaker, at the same time with a balanced frequency response and impeccable bass response that is far from typical for the category.

Of course, the complex, labyrinthine cabinet does not contain any damping material either, instead a special internal design ensures echo cancellation.

The end result, a truly full-fledged sound, and something even more: The music is finally free to soar!