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Developing the SYZYGY 6.5 speaker, our aim was to surpass virtues of our well-known SYZYGY speaker.

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SYZYGY, and even more!

- Bigger mid-woofer
- Increased sensitivity
- More precise soundstage
- More articulated bass response
- Even lower bottom edge frequency
- Higher rated power

Meaning of SYZYGY:

Greek mythology: The unity of eternity as an active and passive, divine unity of a man and a woman.

Astrology: Conjunction of the moon with the sun.

General description:

Developing the omnidirectional, 2-way, closed SYZYGY 6.5 speaker, our aim was a clear and uncompromising realistic reproduction of music, regardless of music genre.

Simple is Fine! - Applying modest and simple speaker construction principles, but with customized speaker alignment, we have achieved clearly outstanding result.

Fine is Beautiful! - Shape and functionality strengthen each other within this unique product.

More details:

Due to the cabinet having special, standing wave and echo absorbing internal structure, usage of any internal damping material has been successfully avoided. As a result intimate details of the recording can be discovered.

By the unique positioning of the aluminium dome tweeter featuring exceptional details of the music and sumptuous 6.5" mid-woofer having coated paper diaphragm we managed to achieve a remarkably unified sound having extraordinary phase accuracy and dynamics -which used to be privilege of full-range speakers only- and at the same time wide bandwidth characteristic -typically of multi-way loudspeakers-. Not to mention the fact that this experience can not only be enjoyed in the sweet-spot!

Thanks to the extraordinary design of SYZYGY 6.5, we achieved a remarkably balanced frequency alignment of the tweeter and mid-woofer speaker with a surprisingly simple crossover circuit having premium components. The result is an amazingly real musical atmosphere.

We also paid special attention to even more articulated and tighter presentation of the well pronounced deep tones. The result achieved by the closed cabinet goes beyond the physical dimensions of SYZYGY in all aspects - in most cases, replacing even larger speakers!

Design 2-way Closed
Sensitivity 87 dB / 1 W / 1 m
Impedance 6 Ohm
Maximum power 80 W
Connector gold plated
Frequency response 38 Hz to 40 kHz (-6 dB)
Crossover electric & acoustic
Crossover frequency 2.2 kHz
Cutting slope 12 dB / Oct.
Dimensions 30 cm x 21 cm x 28 cm (H x W x D)


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